In SUPER TRANSPORTE INTERNACIONAL. S.A. DE C.V. is important to select the best type of trailer for each shipping service, in order to ensure a safe and legal transport of your cargo.  To determine the best trailer, the decision is based on the total weight of the load and its dimensions so also the type of cargo being sent.

Our staff of SUPER TRANSPORTE INTERNACIONAL. S.A. DE C.V. is highly trained which will recommend a precise type of truck and trailer that suits your freight needs in particular. They can assess your needs and help you plan your delivery in a timely manner.

Our fleet includes Tract New trucks that have lifetime maximum of four years, which is divided in the proportion of 60% for Regular Load and 40% for Specialized Cargo.SUPER TRANSPORTE INTERNACIONAL. S.A. DE C.V. has the following equipment on trailers in order to provide a service referred to in alternatives to our clients.


We count with the Qualcomm satellite tracking system QTRACS 24 hours a day, in all of our units in Mexico, should be mentioned that the international Cross units also already have this system. All our units with dry van and a variety of specialized equipment, also have the Sky satellite positioning Sky Bitz, which allows us to monitor, control and greater safety on our trailers.

We have staff 24/7 in order to guarantee complete followment to every shipment, also previous programmed alerts with status for all active shipments.

We are EDI capable and we are continuing to invest and develop on technology in order to improve our service.